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[08:45:53] Guest[SULawAlum] :

I cannot see the livestream :)

[08:47:38] jswann1 :

Hello what browser are you using?

[09:26:22] Guest[SULawAlum] :


[09:29:03] Guest[Rachel] :

It doesn't work for me either

[09:29:34] Guest[Rachel] :

tried on chrome, safari and internet explorer

[09:30:04] Guest[WooDC] :

I had to go into my browser setting and allow this particular website to display content, and then it worked okay for me.

[09:30:06] jswann1 :

what version of Flash are you using?

[09:53:48] Guest[sualum] :

Ok I am in - sorry forgot to open the chat :)

[09:53:56] Guest[sualum] :

I used explorer and it works fine

[09:54:05] Guest[sualum] :

I have a question, I tweeted it

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