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[08:19:17] Guest[Robert] :

Hello, Everyone!

[08:20:06] Guest[Robert] :

Welcome to the 2017 Catholic Education Summit at the University of Dayton!

[08:21:19] Guest[Robert] :

I'm Bob Stewart, your online moderator today. If you have questions or comments for our speakers, I'll be happy to relay them.

[08:31:31] Guest[Robert] :

Is anyone online yet?

[08:32:59] Guest[holly13] :

I am online, but not seeing any video

[08:34:01] Guest[Robert] :

Holly, what web browser are you using?

[08:35:12] Guest[Robert] :

Also, do you have any audio?

[08:38:24] Guest[holly13] :

Got it!

[08:38:44] Guest[Robert] :

Is anyone else online?

[08:39:04] Guest[Robert] :

Great, Holly!

[08:39:07] Guest[holly13] :


[09:04:08] Guest[Monica] :

:) online from Greenville, OH

[09:20:02] Guest[Robert] :

Welcome, Monica! (Had to scroll down to see you!)

[09:20:46] Guest[Monica] :

Any way, on your end, to increase volume?

[09:22:16] Guest[Robert] :

I'll check on the volume thing...

[09:24:37] Guest[Monica] :

I have all my controls on max. Thanks.

[09:25:17] jswann1 :

Please check your volume in WIndows in the bottom right corner in the system tray

[09:27:08] Guest[Monica] :

Yup. All the way up. It may just be my system and my ears! Seems louder now.

[09:28:06] Guest[Robert] :

Thanks, Justin (our tech guy).

[09:30:18] Guest[Monica] :

Thank you.

[09:32:50] Guest[Robert] :

Any grade school teachers out there?

[09:33:35] Guest[Robert] :

What's going on in YOUR classroom?

[09:34:27] Guest[Monica] :

She is on target.

[09:34:59] Guest[holly13] :

I'm a high school teacher, but all this rings true

[09:35:29] Guest[Robert] :

Yes, I can speak from experience with 5th graders!

[09:36:46] Guest[Robert] :

Holly, I don't think they calm down until college!

[09:37:13] Guest[holly13] :

Ha! I agree!

[09:37:23] Guest[Monica] :

Good at teaching generous and tactful....

[09:59:49] Guest[Robert] :

In a few minutes, Peg may ask for questions or comments -- so if you have any, feel free!

[10:16:00] Guest[Robert] :

We'll be back in 10!

[10:27:01] Guest[Monica] :

We instituted Christian Meditation at our scool this past year. Excited to hear this panel.

[10:27:54] Guest[holly13] :

I used it in my classroom this past year, loved integrating this practice!

[10:35:33] Guest[Monica] :

I used the directions given to us last year about sitting tall and got complaints from parents about that! So I relaxed how they could sit. For focus I asked them to close their eyes. Towards the end of the year we talked about focussing on a holy picture/icon. Next year I will spend some time using icons.

[10:39:25] Guest[Monica] :

We have also incorporated it into our parish religious education. Will definitely have more parent education this coming year.

[10:45:55] Guest[Robert] :

Great comments, guys! How often are you doing it?

[10:47:25] Guest[holly13] :

I do it a few times a week. I also had my students asking for it and missing it on days when we were too "busy".

[10:49:51] Guest[holly13] :

I also used it with Lectio Divina and the Sunday Gospel.

[10:51:35] Guest[Monica] :

I teach 5th - 8th graders and we do it every day that I have them in class I start class with meditation. I do nothing before we meditate; working to have them enter room in silence. (M- TH, Mass on Friday). 3rd and 4th grade do it most days and younger students do it most days. Our weekly religious education classes do it each time we meet.

[10:52:17] Guest[Monica] :

Emoji by accident, but it kind of fits. Entering room in silence is a work in progress.

[10:52:38] Guest[Monica] :

I use meditation to lead into Lectio Divina!

[10:53:07] Guest[Monica] :

Actually use meditation to lead into our daily group vocal prayers.

[10:56:12] Guest[Monica] :

I found that some could not close their eyes, too.

[10:57:15] Guest[Monica] :

I had several who just twitched involuntarily during the time period.

[11:03:37] Guest[Robert] :

This really catching on. Has anyone worked with Sr. Angela?

[11:04:19] Guest[Robert] :

Sr. Angela Zukowski, that is.

[11:05:19] Guest[holly13] :

I worked with Sr. Angela Ann when I was an undergrad, many moons ago!!

[11:05:19] Guest[Monica] :

I have heard her speak last year here on this topic and once more on this topic at a DRE meeting. I need resources for parents. Hoping that that website will be helpful.

[11:05:45] Guest[holly13] :

I'm also excited to check out the website.

[11:06:08] Guest[Monica] :

And resources for teachers. Most came on board as they spent ore time with it, but I didn't check in at the end of the year.

[11:07:05] Guest[holly13] :

Christian Meditation is something that I hope my students take with them into the "real world" post-graduation. I find it to be a wonderful tool to pause in this world that is constantly throwing information at us!

[11:07:52] Guest[Monica] :

I am looking for other resources for silence, if you will. I have been checking out garden labyrinth's based on, I think Chartes, and finger labyrinths. Saw several rug or indoor ones, but they are expensive.

[11:08:35] Guest[Monica] :

Some of my words to the students as we wind down into the silence is about how meditation can be done any where and any time!

[11:09:15] Guest[Monica] :

I appreciated the contrast to technology last year. I also think bullying/mental health focus in the afternoon will be helpful.

[11:10:04] Guest[Monica] :

I work to make my room - only used for religious - as calmig as possible. Trying to keep my clutter behind cabinet doors.

[11:10:25] Guest[holly13] :

I used the finger labyrinth as a start and encouraged students to utilize them if they see them on their college campus'.

[11:11:06] Guest[Monica] :

Will we have virtual access to the booklets and handouts?

[11:11:08] Guest[holly13] :

I'm looking forward to the afternoon session as well.

[11:11:33] Guest[Monica] :

Where did you purchase your finger labyrinths?

[11:12:22] Guest[holly13] :

I just printed an image on-line and had the students trace them with their fingers. Just a google image search for finger labyrinth.

[11:13:00] Guest[holly13] :

I think they put the handouts from today on the isidore site under resources? I haven't had a chance to look through those yet.

[11:14:05] Guest[Monica] :

I did see the ones for last year, so hopefully soon.

[11:28:32] Guest[Robert] :

Well, I wish I could send you guys some lunch! See you in 30 mins!

[11:41:11] Guest[Monica] :


[12:08:11] Guest[Robert] :

Back again!

[12:08:54] Guest[holly13] :

Looking forward to the afternoon sessions!

[12:10:18] Guest[Robert] :

In case you didn't get it, here is the link to the website Mike Ingram was talking about in the last segment: https://www.stirring-the-embers.com/

[12:18:32] Guest[Robert] :

Has anyone had experience with mental health issues in the classroom?

[13:13:08] Guest[Robert] :

See you after the break!

[13:26:59] Guest[Monica] :

Had trouble accessing live chat during the mental health discussion. Good input.

[13:30:52] Guest[Robert] :

Negative, but important subjects.

[13:31:00] Guest[Monica] :

Bullying is prevalent at our school. Looking forward to bullying presentation.

[13:31:25] Guest[Monica] :

Not tired! Needs to be addressed.

[13:31:39] Guest[Robert] :

Glad you're back online, Monica. :)

[13:40:48] Guest[Monica] :

What is scary is kids not realizing that they are being bullies!!!

[14:09:16] Guest[Monica] :

Very helpful to say engaging in bullying behaviors or other behaviors instead of labeling (like I just did!)

[14:16:19] Guest[Monica] :

I am going to use the apple demo.

[14:19:51] Guest[Monica] :

Can we get this chart? Virtually?

[14:30:00] Guest[Robert] :

Monica, we may be able to get you all the slides. Checking...

[14:31:00] Guest[Monica] :


[14:34:31] Guest[Robert] :

Guys, please email Barb Miller (bmiller1@udayton.edu). She'll be happy to forward you any material.

[14:37:00] Guest[Monica] :

She has been a great resource. Thank you.

[14:51:12] Guest[holly13] :

I've been having trouble with my comments posting. Is this working?

[14:51:27] Guest[Monica] :

This discussion on bullying has given me new incentive and a few strategies to challenge bullying at our school. Sometiemes it seems overwhelming and I liked the presenters manageable ideas.

[14:52:02] Guest[Monica] :

Holly just got your 14:51:11 post! I had trouble in the second morning session.

[14:52:44] Guest[holly13] :

Glad it is working again. Could not post at all during the bullying sessions.

[14:53:49] Guest[holly13] :

I think that Bullying is so often looked on as a "taboo" topic and the hanging of signs around the school or the one school assembly seems to check that box. It is definitely a cultural change that needs to occur.

[14:54:37] Guest[Monica] :

I found the classification of behaviors helpful. Sometimes we are just acting below the bar.

[14:55:54] Guest[Monica] :

I think there is trouble getting kids to come forward. They don't want to be seen as "tattling." That is def a part of elementary school culture.

[14:56:22] Guest[Monica] :

Clarification: our particular school's culture.

[15:01:16] Guest[Robert] :

Hmmn, I hope Liverpool is checking in!

[15:25:41] Guest[Monica] :

I try to teach most of those habits to 5 - 8th graders! Daily and by creating habits of prayer and prayerfulness.

[15:34:38] Guest[Monica] :

Sprituality of a school. I had never thought of that....hmmm.

[15:36:35] Guest[holly13] :

This is a topic my theology department addressed this past year. We are not associated with an order, but rather a diocesan school. So, our challenge is to establish the "spirit" of our community without being associated with a specific religious order.

[15:38:50] Guest[Monica] :

Where has it led you? We have retreats for each grade, but not for the teachers.

[15:39:52] Guest[Monica] :

We did do a study of a rosary book as staff, but it was not in depth. We did it furing the year and we were of course always exhausted.

[15:40:55] Guest[Monica] :

He is mentioning the reserved Sacrament, but is that appropriate at a parish school? The blessed sacrament is just across the street.

[15:42:20] Guest[holly13] :

We are still in the examination period, asking current and past students about the spirituality of the school, trying to name the spirituality in the community.

[15:42:28] Guest[Monica] :

We have an established devotional life from before I started at the school.

[15:43:05] Guest[Robert] :

Good point, Monica (about the Sacrament).

[15:43:51] Guest[Monica] :

I agree in a free standing school that it would be a powerful statement.

[15:44:30] Guest[Monica] :

I have taken the tiniest baby steps to teach/use Gregorian chant!

[15:45:46] Guest[Monica] :

Our parish sings the Alleluia at the end of Mass during the Easter season. I use a Gregorian chant Alleluia with Children's LIturgy of the Word.

[15:46:00] Guest[Monica] :

I see how you could teach simple tones and modes.

[15:46:14] Guest[holly13] :

Yes! Love that!

[15:47:44] Guest[Robert] :

Gregorian chants are beautiful. I think if introduced early enough children can learn to love them.

[15:49:55] Guest[holly13] :

Diverse ways of living a Christian life...what a great topic for a vocations course!

[15:50:32] Guest[Robert] :

In a school setting I mean.

[15:51:28] Guest[Monica] :

I try to introduce over the four years I have the students in religion (5-8) I really work to introduce to world Catholicism.

[15:52:00] Guest[Monica] :

The different rites in union with the Pope.

[15:52:05] Guest[holly13] :


[15:52:10] Guest[Robert] :

Yes, Holly, I think the timing is right. It's a big world!

[15:55:12] Guest[Robert] :

I hope that never happens (an end to tax-free funding of Catholic schools).

[15:58:24] Guest[Robert] :

Thank you everyone! This was great! Many blessings!

[15:58:30] Guest[Monica] :

I want to use that prayer with teenagers!

[15:58:40] Guest[Monica] :

Thank you - I really appreciated the interaction.

[15:59:13] Guest[holly13] :

Thank you!

[15:59:39] Guest[Robert] :

Oh and thank you, Justin, Beth, and Mark for your excellent Tech support!! Good bye!

[16:01:00] Guest[Monica] :

Signing off.

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