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[08:30:24] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Good Morning! Is anyone here yet?

[08:36:49] Guest[Carmen] :

Good morning. I am here but the video doesn't seem to be up yet

[08:44:23] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Hi Carmen, I'm your online moderator today. Please refresh your browser and let me know what you see.

[08:46:20] Guest[Carmen] :

Thank you I see it now!

[08:46:52] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :


[08:47:29] Guest[Carmen] :

it is buffering a lot....any advice?

[08:55:43] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Hello Everyone! As your online moderator, I will take questions from you guys, that I will pose to the speakers at the end of their presentations. So, please feel free to post your questions here!

[08:57:54] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

I'll try not to "chat" too much during the presentations :D. But, if you're just signing on, please feel free to say hello. :D

[09:00:44] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Carmen, sorry I missed your comment. Is your connection still buffering a lot?

[09:21:24] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Wow! Huxley seems to have been on point!

[09:22:46] ehart2 :

Hi Carmen! This is tech Beth here. Typically buffering is a result of low network speed or bandwidth. I recommend using a wired connection if one is available to you. If you would like to troubleshoot further please e-mail udvc@udayton.edu so that this chat stays with the summit :)

[09:23:19] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Thanks, Beth!

[09:43:39] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

If you have any questions for, Paul, now is the time.

[10:51:38] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Any thought or questions for Fr. Michael Fish?

[11:28:42] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Hello everyone!

[11:29:05] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

We're going to break for lunch.

[11:29:51] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

See you back here at 12 noon (eastern)!

[12:09:15] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

We're back!

[12:51:33] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Dr. Donahue is giving us a lot to digest! Would anyone like to ask a question or offer a comment?

[13:07:42] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

If anyone is using Twitter, you can also comment using the hash tag #CCESummit16

[13:16:50] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

We'll be back in 10 minutes!

[13:29:53] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

We're back!

[15:06:23] Guest[Justin] :


[15:07:12] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Hi Justin! How are you enjoying the presentations so far?

[15:07:32] Guest[Justin] :

Yes! Very informative!

[15:09:04] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Yes, they are! Don't forget you have access to all the material presented today at vcc.udayton.edu.

[15:52:42] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Thanks everyone! We hope to see you back again next year!

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