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[08:34:53] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Welcome, Everyone!

[08:35:23] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

I will be your moderator today.

[08:35:41] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Is anyone online yet?

[08:42:30] ehart2 :

Good Morning! Your friendly tech here. Should you have any technical issues please e-mail udvc@udayton.edu and we will respond asap. Thanks!

[08:44:28] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Beth is heading up our awesome tech team, today, with Paul, Brian, and Jerry :)

[09:00:58] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Sister Angela Zukowski is a great education tech resource here at the University of Dayton. Please let me know if you have any questions for Sister Angela.

[09:11:48] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Sister Angela's online Catholic education learning website at the University of Dayton is https://VLCFF.udayton.edu. They offer many courses in adult catechesis and faith formation to dioceses around the world.

[09:20:58] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Oops! Try http://VLCFF.udayton.edu :)

[09:36:41] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

We're back!

[09:44:15] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Did you know that Dr McDonald has a radio program? http://drmcdonaldseizetheday.com/bio.php

[10:18:06] Guest[Patricia] :

Dr. McDonald:

[10:19:31] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Hi Patricia, hope you're enjoying the presentation.

[10:23:17] Guest[Patricia] :

You have given me a great idea....Telling stories about the history of families. We lost a daughter to breast cancer when she was 35. Her children were young. They do not know the stories of her early years as they lived far from where she grew up. I am going to write to her friends as well as family friends and ask them to write a paragraph or so about her and send it to me. I will then put the stories together for her children.

[10:25:24] Guest[Patricia] :


[10:25:34] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

I love this idea, Patricia. Thank you for sharing that.

[10:26:13] Guest[Patricia] :

Yes, this is a wonderful presentation.

[10:26:55] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Patricia, where are you from?

[10:27:35] Guest[Jerry] :

Hey Pat! It's Jerry Timbrook. Good to see you!!! :)

[10:27:59] Guest[Patricia] :

Thanks, Jerry!

[10:28:27] Guest[Patricia] :


[10:29:39] Guest[Patricia] :

Now living in Virginia, originally from Massachusett with a 15 year stop in Dublin, OH.

[10:32:07] Guest[Jerry] :

Pat I can't remember if I mentioned. I'm originally from VA too. Where are you currently living?

[10:34:12] Guest[Patricia] :

Living in Fredericksburg. Most of our family lives in Virginia...one daughter still in Massachusetts.

[10:50:05] Guest[Bob_Stewart-0] :

We're back!

[11:12:07] Guest[Bob_Stewart-0] :

Good question! How well do you understand your community?

[11:34:37] Guest[Bob_Stewart-0] :

A lot to digest, here!

[11:45:45] Guest[Bob_Stewart-0] :

After lunch, we will have an opportunity to dialog online.

[11:46:56] Guest[Bob_Stewart-0] :

Starting at 12:45 we would like to engage you guys with questions about the summit, so far.

[11:49:00] Guest[Bob_Stewart-0] :

Talk to you soon! :D

[12:49:36] Guest[Jerry] :

You still with us Pat?

[12:50:01] Guest[Jerry] :

And hello to anyone else who has just joined us!

[12:54:58] Guest[Bob_Stewart-1] :

I'm back (minor tech difficulty)

[12:55:22] Guest[Bob_Stewart-1] :

Do we have any guests online at this time?

[13:44:29] Guest[Patricia] :

Back on with you now....couldn't find my way back after lunch :)

[13:56:48] Guest[Bob_Stewart-1] :

Pat, I didn't recognize you by "Patricia"!

[13:57:25] Guest[Bob_Stewart-1] :

I was good to see you and your husband at the Drabiks.

[13:58:17] Guest[Bob_Stewart-1] :

Thanks for all you do on the VLCFF website!

[13:58:54] Guest[Bob_Stewart-1] :

sp: "It"

[14:08:38] Guest[Bob_Stewart-1] :

Any questions or comments about parenting?

[14:31:17] Guest[Bob_Stewart-1] :

Great Presentation!

[14:43:46] Guest[Patricia] :

Bob: Think you may have confused me with another Pat. I know Richard Drabik, but have not been to his home.

[14:50:34] Guest[Bob_Stewart-1] :

Yikes, you're right, Pat! I just speak to you online through the VLCFF (tech support).

[14:51:59] Guest[Bob_Stewart-1] :

For anyone online...What about Pope Francis is sparking religious imagination?

[14:52:50] Guest[Bob_Stewart-1] :

If anyone has a comment, I'll relay it to our presenter.

[14:54:03] Guest[Bob_Stewart-1] :

How does Pope Francis' message inspire your vocation as a Catholic educator?

[14:55:53] Guest[Bob_Stewart-1] :

What difference has Pope Francis made in your life as a teacher?

[15:07:43] Guest[Bob_Stewart-1] :

Any comments on memory types?

[15:12:57] Guest[Patricia] :

Hope, openness, closeness are some thoughts that come to mind. Perhaps more significantly Pope Francis is who I think Christ would have been like when He was on earth.

[15:20:27] Guest[Bob_Stewart-1] :

Agreed. I think the Pope's openness (frankness, if you will) makes some people nervous and others hopeful.

[15:24:49] Guest[Patricia] :

As regards the memories...they connect/create ( in various ways) the story of those who came before us for those to whom we tell those stories....the journey for our families and ourselves.

[15:52:51] Guest[Bob_Stewart-1] :

Thank you for attending!

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