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[11:23:34] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Okay...when our guest hung up, we got disconnected. But thanks to our crack IT team, we're back!

[11:25:06] Guest[MegGN] :

We are only getting the video stream. No PP slides.

[11:26:05] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Thanks, MegGN, they are checking...

[11:26:37] Guest[MegGN] :

It's back up. Thanks

[11:26:42] Guest[Jerry] :

The PowerPoints are done loading! You should see them :)

[11:26:45] Guest[Jerry] :

Thanks Meg!

[11:27:33] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Thanks, Jerry. Anyone have any thoughts on what we've heard so far?

[11:32:15] Guest[Karla] :

ACE Press (Notre Dame) has great meditation excercises for students with audio tracks - Peace with Christ publication. I do believe meditation with students is great opportunity for a "peaceful" classroom.

[11:35:13] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Karla, can you imagine what a great experience that would be--a "peaceful" classroom?!

[11:42:27] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Sr. Angela will be wrapping up in a few minutes.

[11:42:44] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Any final thoughts or question?

[11:49:15] Guest[Karla] :

Thank you Sr. Angela for being passionately invigorated!

[11:50:50] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Thanks, All. See you at 12:45 (Eastern :) )!

[12:46:04] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Hello Everyone, we're back!

[12:46:46] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

This segment will be a little more interactive.

[12:51:03] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Hopefully everyone has seen the list of questions on Culture, Charism, and Curriculum.

[12:51:47] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

I'm going to pose a question or 2 from each topic, for your consideration.

[12:52:13] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Feel free to direct the conversation to any question on the list!

[12:52:48] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Okay...from the Culture group:

[12:53:10] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Does your school have a Catholic culture?

[12:53:15] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

How do you know?

[12:54:59] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

I should have asked first (sorry) do we have any Catholic school teachers online?

[12:56:13] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

How about Catholic school administrators (?)

[12:58:35] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Would anyone like to pose a question from the list? Or any other Catholic Culture question or comment?

[13:00:31] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

There are lively discussions going on at every table in the room! Wish I could record them for you :)

[13:01:23] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Are there any students online?

[13:02:33] Guest[Karla] :

Authentic prayer is so important. I have been in numerous classrooms and heard rote recitation of prayer but often it does not feel very authentic. This can be a difficult concept to help educators with if they do not have a personal relationship with Christ.

[13:05:07] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Karla, I see you answered the question about Fr. Robert Barron's question. So, how should we pray in an authentic way?

[13:05:47] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

and What will active discipleship look like?

[13:07:56] Guest[Karla] :

I think for younger students having the prayer be for a specific intention can help them a lot in this regard. Simple but can make prayer so much more meaningful for the student. I don't all often have intentions in our heart? Helping a student express the intention either out loud or just to reflect upon it for those that don't want to share can be helpful.

[13:07:59] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Karla, your right. This is a difficult question to wrap one's head around. Does "authentic" mean prayer has to be spontaneous?

[13:09:03] Guest[Karla] :

Sorry for the mistyping - must have dropped a line. Meant to say Don't we as adults almost always have intentions close in mind as we pray?

[13:10:55] Guest[Karla] :

Stepping away for now. Thanks Bob!

[13:11:12] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

I think that's true. We always know pretty much what we (think) we want.

[13:11:20] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Thanks, Karla!

[13:11:39] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Let's move on to Charism...

[13:12:18] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

What is Charism? Who receives one, and for whose benefit?

[13:13:57] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

What can you do to capture the positive energy in your Catholic school?

[13:15:02] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

How can you awaken that spirit (of charism) and realize its power in your school?

[13:19:43] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

I know some of you are watching via a big screen without individual keyboard access. Feel free to respond through the person running the console.

[13:21:21] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

We've got 10 more minutes.

[13:22:06] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Let's talk curriculum...

[13:23:48] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

This just in...

[13:24:39] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

The conference director, Susan Ferguson would like to know how you're enjoying the conference, so far (?)

[13:25:11] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Are there any take-aways you'd like to share?

[13:28:21] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

I'll continue to pose questions so that you can review them after the event.

[13:28:59] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

On curriculum...What challenges in your classroom or school might a professional learning community help address?

[13:30:24] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Okay, Folks, looks like we're on to the next presentation!

[13:32:12] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

This is Dr. Shauna Adams on curriculum!

[13:34:49] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Any pre-school or kindergarten teachers online?

[13:37:09] Guest[TomKiely] :

Hi Bob,

[13:38:05] Guest[TomKiely] :

I am sorry to have missed the Charism discussion, but am viewing the Early Childhood session now. Are you open to conversation on prior issues?

[13:39:03] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Absolutely, Tom.

[13:40:00] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Tom, are you a teacher?

[13:42:36] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

For all who missed the earlier sessions, our last session is going to be a panel descussion on charism. You should be able to pose a question or comment for the panel, then.

[13:42:59] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :


[13:50:31] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

I think we can see where Dr Adams is going with this.

[13:54:02] Guest[TomKiely] :

Actually, Bob, I am an Institute director at Marquette University. In answer to your question, while charism is technically a gift of the Holy Spirit, I think that the way to understand the role of charism today is to fully explore the story of the school and the relationships that it fostered. How do these relationships affect the school today? How are we related to our forebears (locally) and explore their understanding of their faith. I think this is a key 1st step in exploring charism in schools.

[13:56:49] Guest[TomKiely] :

I am really enjoying Dr. Adams presentation on Curriculum. Beyond the context of preschool, I am reminded of the distinctions between the published curriculum, the taught curriculum, and the learned curriculum. So much is applicable to multiple years.

[13:58:03] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Tom, I like your thoughts on charism. I'd like to present that to the group if time permits.

[14:01:33] Guest[Karla] :

Weaterh - and they were all engaged! Not just the student putting the clothes on the bear :-/

[14:02:27] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Tom, I was thinking the same thing about Dr. Adams points. I can't help but think about how much more students could retain from their school daze if they had the kind of synergy she's talking about.

[14:06:40] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Exactly, Karla.

[14:10:41] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Visual grading...interesting concept!

[14:30:54] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :


[14:31:48] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Next up: panel discussion on charism.

[14:31:51] Guest[TomKiely] :

Exactly Bob. And then how they would take questions, ideas to investigate home and keep continuity from day to day.

[14:34:19] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Reinforcement is the key.

[14:35:11] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Thanks everyone. See you guys in 10 minutes!

[14:47:55] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Hello Everyone!

[14:48:12] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

The panel is seated and ready to go!

[14:53:59] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Tom, if you're still online, how do you pronounce your last name? (Long 'E' of long 'I').

[14:54:12] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :


[14:56:48] Guest[TomKiely] :


[14:57:28] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :


[15:05:54] Guest[TomKiely] :

The panel has been very articulate about the relationship between original charism and the lived experience of the community. In addition, the panelists have identified the cultural markers that trigger the need for a charismatic appropriation of the incarnation. I would like to ask what is the mechanism in communities that allows particular charisms to flourish? Because we tend to live in a homogenized culture, how do we communicate the particularity of charism if we over emphasize the negative aspects of culture?

[15:07:25] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

I'll pose that question!

[15:07:36] Guest[TomKiely] :


[15:14:22] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Great question, Tom!

[15:20:31] Guest[TomKiely] :

Thanks, Bob. I hope it was not too wordy.

[15:23:26] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Not at all, I think they got the gist of it :)

[15:33:27] Guest[TomKiely] :

An interesting conversation all the way around.

[15:34:13] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

I like what the young man has to say.

[15:36:24] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

I never gave much thought to tension between charisms based on Jesuit, Dominican, Marianist...

[15:36:43] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

It's interesting to hear so many perspectives.

[15:41:28] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Does anyone have any last thoughts?

[15:42:45] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Thanks everyone for participating online!

[15:43:29] Guest[TomKiely] :

I think that conversations of charism should always be grounded in the concrete experiences of the community trying to discern Jesus' presence in their lives.

[15:45:28] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Well said, Tom. I think I've enjoyed this session most of all.

[15:45:32] Guest[TomKiely] :

Great job Bob! A wonderful experience today. The channel surfer in me would have loved to be able to view all the sessions, but the availablity of the materials online have given me a good sense of the thinking presented in the sessions. Take care, Bob.

[15:46:09] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Thank you, Tom for being here. Take care!

[15:46:43] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Thanks to our Tech Team for all their hard work! (Justin, Beth, and Jerry!)

[15:46:58] Guest[Jerry] :

Thank you Bob! :)

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