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[08:34:55] ehart2 :

Please stay turned in. The video feed will be up shortly! Thank you for your patience.

[08:40:18] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Hello is anyone online yet?

[08:42:15] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

I'm Bob Stewart, your online moderator for today.

[08:42:56] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Let me know if you have any questions for the presenters.

[08:43:25] Guest[Lewis] :

Thank you Bob. Lewis University

[08:44:33] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Welcome, Everyone, from Lewis!

[09:04:47] Guest[Jerry] :

Good morning everyone! The first presenation will start in about 10 minutes!

[09:06:05] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Thanks, Jerry! I will be here in the main hall for the duration of the conference. See you at 9:30!

[09:23:50] Guest[Jerry] :

HI folks! We're zill on a break, just to let you know.

[09:33:00] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

And we're back!

[09:33:06] Guest[Jerry] :

Here we go! :)

[09:38:26] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Dr. Ozar will take questions from anyone online at the end of her presentation.

[09:39:32] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

When posing your question, please let me know where you are from, then your question. Thanks!

[09:44:24] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

For you educators:

[09:44:55] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

ANy examples of rigor in religion classes?

[09:46:50] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Anyone using the National Standards and Benchmarks in their school?

[10:02:02] Guest[Karla] :

Yes, we are using as a part of school strategic planning process.

[10:05:30] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Excellent, Karla! What school system are you from?

[10:06:10] Guest[Karla] :

Diocese of New Ulm (MInnesota)

[10:08:44] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

You're one of our University of Dayton, VLCFF (Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation) partners! :)

[10:09:38] Guest[Karla] :

Yes :)

[10:10:09] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Okay, Guys...thinking caps on!

[10:14:38] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Any examples of how you are integrating Catholic identity and values in your classes?

[10:15:13] Guest[Karla] :

An easy one to reference is immigration issues (also since is such a current event).

[10:16:19] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Good point, Karla. Has anyone had experience with this?

[10:18:28] Guest[Karla] :

Justice for Education Web site gives good resources to use. Good resources for other integration topics, too.

[10:19:23] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Here at UD Sr. Angela Zukowski teaches a course in film that is infused with Catholic morality questions and popular culture. I'm interested to find out what's going on in K-12.

[10:20:00] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

I'll check out that site Karla.

[10:20:12] Guest[Karla] :

https://educationforjustice.org is the link but need to be a member to access resources.

[10:27:26] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Any general questions for Dr Ozar before she wraps up?

[10:31:14] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Thanks, Guys. Let's take a break!

[10:31:51] Guest[Bob_Stewart] :

Sr. Angela Zukowski is up next at 10:45.

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